How is the score calculated?

ResumeterPro has done extensive research on what constitutes a good resume and has developed a proprietary algorithm to check if a resume will pass the ATS system. Your resume is checked the same way that employers' applicant tracking systems do. Images, complex formatting, or unidentifiable sections may interfere with your resume processing. Afterall, you can write your own personal statement when working with this system.

Score ranges from 0-100. 50% of the score is based on the core elements of a resume. Remaining 50% of the score is based on your resumes compatibility with the industry standards of Applicant Tracking Systems. A well optimized resume should score above 90.

How does ATS testing work?

Your resume is checked the same way that employers' applicant tracking systems do. Each Applicant Tracking System sorts, filters and manages applicants information in a unique way but all follow the same standards when parsing the information in the resume.

We have created a list of factors ranked based on their importance by each ATS system. We started by accessing trial and demo accounts to the top ATS platforms used by major employers across the country. We then meticulously tested variations in resume format, typography and information architecture to arrive at a standard that worked seamlessly with each of the platforms. Your resume is tested against each ATS systems factors. While we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the results but since we only take the most important factors of each ATS system into consideration, our results are as accurate as possible.

I have made many changes, but my scores are not improving significantly. What's wrong?

Improving your resume is an iterative process. We have analyzed resumes from across the world, and compare your resume to most widely used applicant tracking systems when giving you a score. Perfect resume for ATS systems is a bit lifeless and almost all applicant tracking systems have difficult time parsing information even with very minor formatting. Some of the best resumes out there have been created after over 100 hours of work, testing and feedback from others.

However, if you still feel you have done a lot and something is wrong, please do email us at and we will look into any potential issues.

Should I hire a professional writer to write my resume?

Hunting for a new job is extremely stressful, and that stress infects the brains of job applicants, keeping them up at night plotting for ways to differentiate themselves. There are plenty of guys out there who use applicants desperation to make a sale claiming that they "specialize" in resume writing. While some career coaches are pretty good, they are very expensive to work with and even they only focus on human aspects. More than anything resumes are about common sense. Hiring a professional to write your resume may be a good idea if you have been out of the job market for decades and do not know where to start when it comes to writing a resume but if you already have a decent resume which showcases your skills and tell a clear narrative of how you got to where you are, and how the background is logical lead-in to your future.

There are very few professionals who cater to the needs of automated systems so we are not in favor of hiring someone to write your resume because it most likely will not improve your chances of passing the ATS systems.

Can we help you fix your resume?

We are constantly expanding our suggestions database and attempt to provide most relevant suggestions.

At this time we do not offer a service to customize your resume for ATS systems. However, if you are having trouble or need specific suggestions for your resume, please reply to the results email sent to you and we'll try our best to help you. Please do keep in mind that we get a large number of requests for help so it may take us 2-3 days to get back to you.

The issue of resumes getting stuck in bots has been covered at great length and there is a lot of information online but a lot of it is outdated or plain bad advice targeted for only one type of ATS system. Applicant Tracking Systems have come a long way in recent years and have become lot more reliable than in the past but technology is changing fast so the advice offered few years ago or even few months ago may already be outdated. We are continuously improving our system and plan to launch a help desk and blog to offer free advice to our users soon. Please bookmark our website and continue to check back.

I am facing technical issues in using the ResumeterPro, how can I still use the system?

To use ResumeterPro you need to have an active Internet connection. If your connection drops, you may loose access. However, try again and you will be able to connect. We also have some built in security features which may reject a certain type of files or request verification of information to ensure the safety and integrity of the information our users share with us.

If you continue to face technical issues, please email us at and we'll look into the issue you are facing.